52 Books in 52 Weeks

I decided in January that it was time for me to read more, so I started this years first project. 52 books in 52 weeks. Basically I have to read one book each week for a year, and gosh darn it I have actually done it so far! I have read 18 books already this year and I am currently reading number 19. I have never been able to keep doing something this long before, I am usually not stubborn enough. Projects, diets you name it, it all fails. I guess I have succeeded so far because reading means sitting still in a comfy place under a cosy blanket. Hehe... 

Alright, here are the books I have read so far:

From top left (in the order I read them):

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children - Winds of Limbo - In Praise of Shadows - Diary of a Dog Walker - Norse Myths - Of Mice and Men - Stargirl - Norwegian Wood - Switch Bitch - The Art of Travel - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - Before I go to Sleep - Catcher in the Rye - A Street Cat Named Bob - Pixel Juice - The Witches - Everything Everything.

My favourite so far is Norwegian Wood, and no, it is not because it has "Norwegian" in the title. It is set in Tokyo, Japan in late 1960's. The story is about Toru Watanabe and his life as a college student. 

This project is not easy peasy every week as some of the books I have chosen to read was really not for me. An example is Catcher in The Rye. It is sooooo boring!! Nothing happens in this book, it is just the time period between when a guy gets kicked out of school till he arrives at home to his parents. Really?! I was bored out of my mind reading this, but I made it through. 

It was not my idea to read Catcher in the Rye, a co-worker lent me this book and suggested that I read it. Thank you very much person from work! But to be fair, so far different people have sugested 7 out of the 18 books so far, and 3 of them were not my style.

But I can not only blame other people, I have picked a few bad fitted books as well, and a good example is the book I am currently reading, but I will not tell you about that just yet. That is a story for Sunday. 

If you want to read about my thoughts about every book I have read, then you can head to my Instagram account and have a look. I post about books every Sunday. 

That is all for now, write to you later.

Source - The Photographic Review

Before the end of my Master degree I was asked by my classmate Matt MacPake if I and the other classmates wanted to join in a graduate competition in by Source Magazine. Of course I wanted to join so I submitted my iNature series. After a while did I get an email telling me that I was chosen to be printed in the magazine as one of the winners. I wanted to post about this here and show pictures of the magazine and my picture that was printed.

I was not able to take proper  pictures of the magazine because it is dark almost 24/7 in north of Norway right now. So I added the proper picture at the end as well as a link to Matt MacPake's website and the link to my entry to Source Magazine. 

Why I have not been blogging/Hvorfor jeg ikke har blogget

Ok, I have not been as productive as I wished lately, and this is the reason why I have not been blogging. After my master degree was done, I had a couple of weeks where I did no photography at all. I was tired of it, but I think I have started to get over this now, and the inspiration is starting to come back. This means that I might be starting some different projects very soon! When I do, I will keep you updated on what's going on. 

At this moment I am working putting up my graduate exhibition at the University of Hertfordshire. The opening day is tomorrow so hopefully I will get everything done today. I will post some pictures from this tonight or tomorrow after the opening. 

I am adding a picture from the series I am exhibiting. 

Ok, jeg har ikke vært så produktiv som jeg skulle ønske i det siste, dette er grunnen til at jeg ikke har blogget noe serlig. Da jeg var ferdig med mastered hadde jeg ett par uker hvor jeg gjorde absolutt ingenting. Jeg var litt lei av foto, men jeg har begynt å komme over dette nå. Inspirasjonen har begynt å komme tilbake, så jeg kommer kanskje til å starte noen nye prosjekter snart! Når dette skjer så vil jeg holde dere oppdatert på hva som skjer. 

Akkurat nå arbeider jeg med å henge opp bilder til graduate utstillingen på University of Hertfordshire. Åpningen er imorgen så jeg håper at jeg får alt gjort idag som må gjøres før det. Jeg vil blogge noen bilder fra dette enten i kveld eller imorgen etter åpningen. 

Her er ett bilde fra utstillingen. 

What I have been up to lately/Hva jeg har holdt på med i det siste

I have been very busy lately helping a fashion student (Geena Ann Babu) here at the University of Hertfordshire with pictures of her clothes. Fashion photographer is not one of my strengths but I said yes to help her out. I was allowed to use the pictures for my portfolio, so I thought I would share some of them on the blog. 


Jeg har vært veldig opptatt i det siste med å hjelpe en mote student (Geena Ann Babu) her på University of Hertfordshire med å ta bilder av klærne hennes. Jeg er ikke den største mote fotografen, men jeg sa ja til å hjelpe henne. Jeg fikk lov til å bruke bildene i portfolioen min, så jeg tenkte jeg kunne dele dem med dere her på bloggen. 

I also played around with another fashion picture I took. The original picture is of the model from behind wearing a big white coat. I started experimenting in Photoshop and it turned out as a little series I called Evolution. 


Jeg har i tillegg lekt med et annet mote bilde jeg tok. Det originale bildet er av modellen sett bakfra som har på seg en stor jakke. Jeg begynte å eksperimentere i Photoshop og det endte som en liten serie jeg kaller Evolution (Evolusjon)

Not only have I been doing fashion photography, I also took some new pictures in the studio. These were not pictures for just one series, but various test shots. It ended up being one portrait and a couple of nature portraits.


Jeg har ikke bare drevet med mote fotografering. Jeg tok noen nye bilder på torsdag i studio. Det var ikke bare bilder til en spesiell serie, men ett par. Det endte opp med ett portrett og et par natur portretter. 

I am going to be very busy the next couple of weeks before I go home to Norway. There are two big assignments that have to be submitted so I have a lot to do. 

Hopefully will it not be to long till the next blog post. 


Jeg kommer til å være veldig opptatt de neste par ukene før jeg drar hjem til Norge. Det er to store oppgaver som må leveres, så jeg har nok å gjøre. 

Forhåpentligvis er det ikke så lenge til neste blogginnlegg.